Lip fillers are dermal fillers that transform how your mouth looks by increasing the volume of your lips. This procedure is mainly for aesthetic purposes. However, it can also help boost mental health by increasing self-confidence. Understanding the procedure details of lip fillers will help you prepare for what to expect at Island Aesthetics & Dermatology during the cosmetic treatment. Your doctor will also inform you about the risks and benefits of the treatment before receiving your consent to proceed.

What are lip fillers?

Lip fillers are a cosmetic treatment where your doctor injects a solution of synthetic hyaluronic acid into your lips to increase their volume. There are various brands of lip fillers to choose from if you want to change the way your lips look. Your doctor will inject a specific lip filler o to your lips depending on your preference and desired outcomes. Restylane®, Juvederm®, and Perlane® are among the most commonly known lip fillers.

Determining your candidacy for lip fillers?

Although lip fillers only target the lips, this treatment can improve your overall facial appearance. The aesthetic purposes of lip fillers are significant for patients who lack self-confidence due to how their lips look. Your doctor will review your mental and physical health status once you decide to get lip fillers to determine the appropriateness of the procedure for you. Moreover, determining candidacy can minimize the risk of complications associated with this cosmetic procedure. Your doctor will only recommend lip fillers if:

  • You are in good physical health.
  • You understand procedure details and have realistic expectations.
  • You are free from active viral infections like cold sores

What happens during a lip filler procedure?

Your doctor will apply topical anesthetic during your lip filler procedure to ensure you are comfortable and do not feel pain. The next step involves your healthcare provider injecting lip filler into specific parts of your lips, depending on your desired outcome. Applying cold therapy throughout the procedure will minimize swelling and bruising. You may need a gentle massage to help your lips absorb the filler. Patient monitoring is critical to detect any side effects before allowing discharge. You can expect to swell and bruise after the procedure, which will resolve after two days.

Reasons for considering getting lip fillers

The following are the main reasons to get lip fillers:

  • Restoring a previous lip size: Lip thinning is a common result of aging. Lip fillers can help reduce the distance between the corners of your mouth, thus making you appear younger.
  • Changing the shape of your lips: Most patients have asymmetrical lip sizes and shapes. Lip fillers can help adjust the symmetry of your lips to make them more identical.
  • Eliminating wrinkles. Winkles may develop in your mouth when you smile or laugh. Increasing lip volume could help counteract the formation of premature wrinkles around your lips.
  • Enhancing confidence: If you have a negative body image due to how your lips look, increasing lip volume could help enhance your self-confidence.

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