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Losing your teeth is a source of great emotional distress. Adults often opt for cheap dentures, which may seem like the solution to heartache, right up until they chip and break easily. But now there is an alternative: dental implants. Here’s what you need to know about our office’s policies.

Why should I keep up with dental preventative care?

Dental preventative care is important for maintaining good oral health. By keeping up with dental preventative care, you can help to avoid cavities, gum disease, and other oral health problems. In addition, dental preventative care can also help to improve your overall health.

It is important to keep up with dental preventative care for several reasons. First, it can help to prevent cavities and other problems with your teeth. Second, it can help to keep your gums healthy. Third, it can help you avoid bad breath. Finally, it can help you maintain a bright, white smile.

What is a wellness checkup?

A wellness checkup is a preventative measure that allows your dentist to catch any problems early, before they become more serious. The checkup will include an examination of your mouth, teeth, gums, and jaw. Dentists near edina mn may also take X-rays or other imaging tests to get a closer look at your mouth and teeth.

What steps will the dental team take during the wellness checkup?

The dental team will take a series of steps during the wellness checkup to ensure your safety and comfort. First, they will review your medical history and current medications. They will also assess your risk for certain diseases or conditions, such as periodontal disease. Next, they will thoroughly clean your teeth and gums. They may also recommend X-rays or other diagnostic tests. Finally, they will provide you with a customized treatment plan to maintain your oral health.

Can I get a wellness checkup even if I don’t have dental insurance?

Yes, you can still get a wellness checkup even if you do not have dental insurance. However, it is important to keep in mind that the cost of the checkup may be higher without insurance.

How often should I visit my dental office to maintain good oral health?

It is generally recommended that patients visit their dental office at least once every six months for a routine cleaning and checkup. However, some patients may need to visit more frequently if they have certain risk factors for oral health problems, such as gum disease. Your dentist will be able to determine how often you should schedule an appointment based on your individual needs.

It is important to visit your dental office regularly to maintain good oral health. Depending on your individual needs, your dentist may recommend that you visit every three to six months. However, if you have a history of dental problems or are at a high risk for developing them, you may need to visit more frequently.

During your regular visits, your dentist will clean your teeth and check for any signs of trouble. If you have any concerns about your oral health, be sure to discuss them with your dentist during these appointments.