Flu Home Management Tips

Flu, short for influenza, is among the commonly overlooked ailments that can significantly impact your overall well-being and productivity. For instance, during the fall and winter months, most people assume they have the flu if they experience symptoms like fever, runny nose, and a sore throat. While this could be the case, without testing, you can’t know that it is the flu or an infection with similar symptoms. This emphasizes the need to visit your trusted wellness center Garnerville for thorough diagnoses and, where necessary, treatments.

The flu may not be life-threatening. However, individuals with a compromised immune system, including those battling chronic conditions, younger children, older adults, and pregnant women, are at high risk of developing severe complications. Even for healthy and fit individuals, the flu can do more than pull you down for a few days if not well managed. It could worsen, leading to complications and even hospitalization. This emphasizes the need for tests and practical home care measures. Among the home remedies that can help keep the flu in check includes:

1. Listen to your body

Are you feeling tired? Fatigue is an indication that you need rest. This is essential to facilitate better recovery. Your body is fighting the virus, and the more you rest, the better the progress. If it means spending more time in bed or becoming a couch potato, then that is what you need to be willing to do to ensure you get adequate rest.

2. Hydrate

The flu, mainly when characterized by diarrhea and vomiting, can lead to dehydration. This worsens the situation and can significantly drag the recovery process. The symptoms are more demanding when dehydrated, and you can quickly develop complications. You might not feel up to it, but it is crucial to take enough fluids, especially water. A simple hack is keeping a water bottle around and sipping throughout the day.

3. Irrigation

A runny or stuffy nose can make the flu overwhelming. The congestion can make you uncomfortable, to the point, it is hardly possible to breathe through the nose. Measures like using a saline nasal spray can help alleviate the pressure and ease your breathing. Nasal irrigation can supercharge the management of your symptoms in more cases beyond the flu. This includes relieving sinus infections and allergies, which can/be aggravated by the flu.

4. Medication

The flu can knock you down to the point of hardly managing minor chores. You can turn to over-the-counter medication to address some symptoms and fast-track recovery. Headaches and fever, for example, can be effectively managed with commonly prescribed medicines like ibuprofen. Managing the symptoms can improve your body’s capability to fight the infection and recover much faster. When turning the medication path, remember to seek medical advice from a doctor, especially if it involves children. This is because some drugs can put them at risk of developing complications.

A flu infection should not be discounted as it can potentially cause significant health threats capable of leading to hospitalization or even death. As you strive to manage the symptoms, don’t forget to take the right measures to curb its spread. This includes maintaining your distance, regularly cleaning your hands, disinfecting surfaces, and covering your mouth when you cough/sneeze. Contact Healthy Therapeutics Medical Practice, PLLC, today for more on flu, diagnosis, treatment, and management.