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Every now and then we need to do something about our teeth. We often go to do dentist to do this. At least, for some of us. However, something the ordinary dentist can’t help in treatment for the issues we’re experiencing.

In some situations, we need an orthodontist. This is a person who’s also a skilled dentist but has decided to dedicate their career to handling some problems with teeth that are not as simple as those handled by an ordinary dentist. See more about the profession of orthodontics here.

In this article, we’re going to tell you more about what these doctors are doing, and what are the services they are providing. Follow up if you want to know more about them, and what they can help you with.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is the problem we’re experiencing when we don’t brush our teeth regularly. Among other issues, of course. This is happening when the food that is in our mouth stays long enough to develop bacteria.

Our system then produces acids to kill these bacteria so they don’t create a bigger problem. These acids are destroying the enamel of the tooth. It can cause severe pain, caries, and even loss of the tooth. That’s why you need to get rid of it before it creates a truly serious problem.


Braces are for the young generation, but also for those adults who have decided to do something about their life despite it’s a little late for fixing the jaw, bones, and the oral cavity form in general.

Braces are made for kids in most cases because their body is still developing and forming the final look. Bones are still growing, and the direction of teeth is still not final. With the braces, orthodontists are providing the best possible direction and form of every tooth in the oral cavity.

Their experience allows them to create a perfect structure. Some teeth might need to go left, others need to be pushed right so that the others can find their way through the rest. Everyone who wants to have perfect look needs to get braces as sooner as possible.

Adults who decide to opt for something like this will have a harder time doing a good job. However, it is not impossible to handle this. That’s why we see more and more adults asking for braces and trying to create a perfect jawline and arrange bones in the perfect shape.

Teeth whitening

One of the most commonly asked procedures in all orthodontic clinics is teeth whitening. Check to see how the procedure is done.

Over time, it’s normal for everyone to get teeth shade that’s far from crystal white. The foods we eat and the drinks we drink are all adding their own color flavor on the enamel. After some time, it develops into a color that we simply don’t like. We look better with white teeth, rather than the yellowish-brown shade of white we have.

That’s why lots of people opt for whitening. This is a simple procedure that is done through lasers and chemicals providing the needed color, which is, of course, perfect snow white. We look much better in the eyes of everyone else when we have it.

It’s crucial to know that this is a procedure that lasts forever. As you eat and drink, the enamel again starts producing the shade that we talked about. After six to 12 months, you’re going to need to do it again.

Adding crowns and veneers

A lot of people think that crowns and veneers are the same things, but they are not. Crowns are complete implants that are replacing the tooth, while veneers are only covering the front part of the tooth creating an image of perfection.

Whatever people like more can be done. If there’s a functioning tooth, but it just needs to look better, and the person isn’t about to spend a fortune on this, they can make a veneer.

On the other hand, if there’s a serious problem, or there’s a tooth missing, then they can make an implant or a crown. Both options are available and do a great job for those who want to live a normal life. See more about it here:

Adding bridges

When you have missing teeth, you can place a bridge. This is an artificial tooth that is placed between two of the existing ones. Back in the day, these were made of gold, but these days they are usually made of porcelain, so they can blend in and look natural.

This is not a crown, you’re not getting a replacement for the missing one. You’re just adding something that will look like you have all the teeth in your mouth. Yes, you can eat, and do everything with them, but they are not as durable and strong as the crowns.

Fixing root canals

This might be the real reason why we are all scared of dentists. The root canal is being cleaned by the orthodontist. What they do is open the root and clean the infections, bacteria, or whatever is causing a problem for the patient. The pain comes from the nerves inside.

Back in the day, there was no way for this to be done without pain, and nerves can be quite problematic. Today, this is a painless procedure, but the fear of dentists remained in most of us. We need to overcome it by showing children this is no longer scary, and have kids with great teeth.


All these issues can be treated and fixed by the orthodontist. We need to visit them regularly if we want to have healthy and shiny teeth. Some of these procedures are longer, and others take a little time. Most importantly, none of them is painful.

Choose the best clinic for orthodontics, and make sure you’re leading a healthy life. Call the pros to ask about these procedures, prices, how are they performed, and who’s the person that going to work on you. Enjoy your treatment.