Dental Anxiety Can Be Reduced Through Natural Therapies

As we age, we become susceptible to many dental conditions, hence the need for a regular dental checkup. However, the fear of the dentist is a major concern for many. And most patients end up skipping dental appointments, which can have adverse health effects. Fortunately, there are various natural cures to help deal with dental anxiety.

What are the leading causes of dental fears?

The common reasons for dental anxiety include pain and past experiences. Some people have had horrible dental experiences in the past and fear undergoing the same. This is, however, dependent on your choice of dentist. You may end up having a more comfortable experience with a different health provider.

The sound of dental instruments and drills is yet another cause of dental fear. Noise makes some patients uncomfortable, and many imagine what goes on once the drill is turned on. Dentists use medications for dental anxiety alongside a calming atmosphere. The standard medication options include laughing gas and oral calming drugs.

What are the natural therapies for dental anxiety?


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese treatment that stimulates various points of your body using fine needles. It’s an excellent way of relieving pain and anxiety. However, if your dental fear involves needle phobia, acupressure would be ideal. An acupressure session before your dental visit will help calm you down.

Relaxation& Deep breaths

Progressive relaxation technique involves relaxing certain body parts and working your toes to your head. Muscle relaxation will ease the tension during dental visits and works best when coupled with deep breaths. Clear your mind before the visit and visit the dentist in the morning. While at the dentist’s office, take brig breaths, hold, and let out slowly. This will further relax your muscles and ease your anxiety.


Soothing musical tunes are an excellent source of distraction from dental instruments and noise. Why not bring in your headphones and listen to your favorite songs from your mobile phone? For best results, close your eyes and concentrate on the music.

Guided imagery

Guided imagery is a distraction technique that involves picturing yourself in a relaxing place. This can be taking a nature walk or lying on a sandy beach. Keep adding more details to your image, you’ll be distracted and focus less on the dental procedure.


Seek the services of a psychotherapist to help you deal with your fears. The professional will assist you in understanding the source and reasons for the fear. Psychotherapists use different approaches to treat the cause of anxiety, not the symptoms.

Some of the techniques involve exposing you to what you fear most, but in a controlled manner. This helps dissipate your phobia and face the dentist with minimal stress. Also, join support groups for people suffering from dental anxiety. The group offers a perfect platform for sharing your fears and possible solutions.

The bottom line

Don’t let fear and anxiety deter you from seeking dental services. There are various natural therapies to consider. These will help you deal with the causes of your fears, making you more comfortable during your dental visits.