Night Guard

Are you having bruxism and your dentist has asked you to use a night guard? If yes, then you must be wondering if it’s worth the investment for your oral health. A night guard Richmond controls bruxism symptoms, protects teeth from severe damage, and improves sleep at night. This dental tool can always prove beneficial if you have jaw clenching and teeth grinding that disturb your sleep. 

Want to know why you should use a night guard? Here are the key reasons to do that: 

1. Control Bruxism Symptoms

Are you experiencing jaw popping, morning headaches, tongue abrasion, worn teeth, face soreness, or pain in your tooth, neck, or jaw? If yes, then you may be grinding and clenching your teeth at night. As these symptoms are unpleasant, it gets tough for you to start your day on a positive note. 

Without wearing a night guard, you tend to wake up groggy and incapable of functioning. A night guard relieves and eliminates such systems, mainly grinding teeth pain. It functions as a barrier between your teeth’s top and bottom to absorb certain effects from teeth clenching and grinding. When you wear a night guard, you only wake up with a headache sometimes rather than a consistent headache and sore jaw joint, which is a significant decrease in symptoms. 

2. Improve Sleep

Bruxism symptoms are disturbing when you want up every morning. However, they may keep you or others sharing your room awake at night, mainly if the grinding is loud. A night guard improves your sleep, relieves stress on jaw muscles, and reduces headache, face and jaw pain. You can easily get deep and restful sleep at night when you aren’t suffering pain. 

3. Prevent Tooth Damage

A night guard is a crucial element in your dental care even if teeth grinding and clenching don’t create complications. Besides developing symptoms, such as tooth pain and sore jaw muscles, bruxism may cause tooth damage such as fractures, cracking, and chipping. It may damage your teeth to such an extent that you may require extractions or fillings, which are costly and inconvenient solutions. A night guard helps in preventing grinding teeth from damaging your teeth. It won’t stop bruxism habits but builds a protective barrier, which receives the stress on your teeth. 

The Bottomline

So, these are the key reasons to use a night guard in Richmond. If you are disturbed by consistent teeth grinding and clenching, get it right away and make the most of the benefits above.