A regular dental checkup is critical if you want to keep your teeth and gums healthy. In most dental checkups, however, dentists don’t get enough time to give us a complete rundown about our oral health. Although everybody understands the significance of brushing and flossing regularly, a lot of issues that are seldom discussed with the dentist can be life-changing. Here are 7 secrets that your dentist may not reveal to you.

  • Mouthwash is not a solution to bad breath

Bad breath is caused by a variety of factors and mouthwash alone might not take care of it. Your mouth will smell nice and minty after using the mouthwash but only for about 30 minutes. One hour later, the bad breath will come back—sometimes even worse than before. Regular brushing and flossing are the best methods of combating bad breath unless it is due to other health issues.

  • Energy Drinks are Detrimental to your teeth than soda

Many people believe that soda is one of the worst drinks for their teeth. However, there are many other things that are more detrimental to your oral health than soda. Energy drinks, for instance, is actually worse for your teeth and gums than soda. Additionally, some types of tea can cause erosion of your gums while too much citrus is often associated with enamel decay.

  • Take your time to train your kids on good dental care practices

Always strive to teach your children how to brush and floss their teeth properly. Most parents assume that once their children reach a given age, they can take care of their oral health like adults. This is not always the case. According to NYC Rejuvenation Dentistry, even 12-year-olds may have difficulties brushing, particularly along the gum lines, on the tongue side, and all the surfaces of the teeth. So, instead of blaming your child for not brushing and flossing right, you need to spare your time to teach them the best oral practices from a young age.

  • Not only sugar contribute to tooth decay

Most dentists will advise you to cut down your sugar intake for the health of your teeth and gums. While this is true, you should remember that sugar is not the only culprit. Starchy foods such as chips and pasta as well as citrus can cause food decay.

  • Teeth bleaching can be detrimental to your enamel

Many people are currently opting for teeth whitening to boost their smiles and confidence. However, few of them are aware of the damage that teeth whitening can have on their enamel. Sadly, most dentists forgo mentioning the side effects at all.

  • Flossing has a great impact on your oral health than you think

When you don’t maintain a regular flossing routine, acid from the foods that you eat (especially carbs and sugar) and bacteria between your teeth lower your mouth pH until demineralization of the enamel occurs. So, strive to floss as regularly as possible—in the shower, when watching TV or when doing pretty much anything. Contrary to what most people believe, you don’t have to floss after brushing. Remember that the goal of flossing is to disturb the bacteria trapped between your teeth so that they don’t get the opportunity to adhere to the surface of your teeth and cause damage.

  • Excessive smoking and alcohol are bad for your oral health

Your dentist has probably mentioned this a few times before, but alcohol and smoking are bad for your teeth and your oral health in general. The moment you quit the two, you will be saved from a wide range of health complications down the line, including the risk of mouth cancer and other serious health conditions.

Of course, you can always enjoy your drink responsibly but you should know that if you do it too often, there will be a buildup of excess phosphorous in your mouth, which can deplete the levels of calcium in your teeth and the whole body. When you don’t have enough calcium in the body, you become more susceptible to dental decay.

There you have it; a few basic secrets that your dentist may not find time to tell you. Hopefully, they will help you and your loved ones maintain better oral health.