A comprehensive solution

Dental trauma, in any form, can be a distressing and painful ordeal. What is often worse than the initial trauma, however, is the spaces within your mouth that are left if a tooth has been lost or is broken beyond repair. Having untreated gaps within your mouth can not only lead to a number of serious health problems but can also be the reason for high levels of embarrassment or anxiety. However, through seeking out dental implants in Melbourne, it is now possible to have all the functionality, structure, and strength of your teeth fully restored in a lasting, permanent way. 

Why opt for dental implants?

Many of those who lose or break teeth often opt for more commonplace treatments and solutions to resolve the issue of missing teeth. Treatments such as dental bridges and crowns have been the preferred treatment option for a number of years – primarily due to their cost and availability. However, opting for such treatments may seem like the best option in the short term, but can have a detrimental impact on a person’s dental health over time. 

This is because treatments of this nature rely on the strength and support of the patient’s surrounding teeth to properly bridge the missing space. Additional to this, treatments such as bridges or crowns work by sitting on the patient’s gumline and filling in the lost space on a purely aesthetic basis. As such, those who opt for these treatments often find them to be obstructive and uncomfortable over time, and typically require them to make repeat visits to their dental practice.

By making the decision to opt for dental implants, however, it is possible to restore a lost tooth at a structural level which returns all the comfort and functionality of a natural tooth – and even feels the same to the patient. 

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How do dental implants work?

The fundamental of how dental implants work involves inserting a false-tooth root directly into the jawbone of the patient within the affected area they are missing one or more teeth. This false-tooth root is constructed from a titanium-alloy dental metal. Titanium-alloy is the only material that is fit for this purpose as it possesses the unique ability to naturally fuse itself within bone tissue. 

As such, when the tooth root is embedded within the patient’s jawbone, and given enough time to permanently merge itself together with the bone in their jaw, it creates an anchor point which is forever fixed within their jaw. Into this anchor point, a denture is then attached and the procedure is over. This new denture is fixed within the patient’s mouth in a way that is almost identical to how a natural tooth is embedded within their jaw. By replicating this process, the end result is far more durable and sturdy than conventional treatments, and as such the patient can enjoy all the luxuries – such as eating tough foods – that are enjoyed by those who have a full set of natural teeth. 

In addition to their functionality, dental implants are also considered to be far more comfortable than crowns or bridges as they do not feel intrusive and actually feel almost exactly as a natural tooth would. 

Therefore, anyone who needs replacing one or more lost teeth, ought to contact a trusted dental provider and find out if they are eligible for dental implants. 

“All treatment carries risks. Individual consultation is required with one of our practitioners to ensure that the treatment is right for you.”