Cosmetic Dentist

Everybody dreams of having a glittering smile. Since common activities, such as brushing and flossing, may not be completely effective, scheduling an appointment with a dentist is the first step toward achieving your goal. Numerous individuals have been choosing Dr. Jeffrey Busch to rejuvenate their smiles. Usually, whenever you have a good smile, you look and feel good about yourself. Therefore, it is high time you find a general and cosmetic dentist to enjoy the benefits of having a good smile. You can get the following dental procedures from a general and cosmetic dentist to improve your smile.

Professional Whitening

Professional tooth whitening is a popular dental procedure that significantly enhances dental wellness. You should not be worried about the procedure because it is safe, minimally invasive, and takes less time to complete. During the process, the dentist isolates the teeth from the gums for maximum security before using a whitening product on your teeth. The dentist then leaves the whitening agent for around 30 minutes before rinsing and removing it. The effects will leave you with a brighter smile lasting approximately one year.

Adding Veneers

Dental veneers are usually made from ceramic materials designed to fit every patient who needs them. The dentist prepares these veneers to look similar to your natural teeth. Furthermore, veneers are effective in fixing complications such as damaged enamel, gaps in the teeth, and crooked, and cracked teeth. Veneers are also realistic, although they are medical-grade ceramic, and cosmetic dentists apply them to the front tooth using similar cement with inlays and onlays.

Inserting Fillings

If you are struggling with dental cavities or decay, you should see your dentist for dental fillings. Besides, a dentist can prescribe this procedure if you have fractured teeth. If you constantly complain about toothache, your dentist begins by checking cracks and cavities. The provider achieves this process by evaluating your tooth visually using X-rays. If your teeth need to be filled, your dentist numbs your tooth using a dental drill to eliminate the decayed dental tissue. Afterward, the provider cleans the tooth with water and seals the tooth with a dental filling.

Tooth Extractions

Sometimes your tooth may be decayed, and no treatment option can save it. In such a scenario, your dentist will recommend an extraction. Furthermore, if the affected tooth attempts to push past the gum without success, your dentist will remove it. Additionally, the general dentist will eliminate a bothersome and painful wisdom tooth that does not get well as it grows. If your complication occurs above the gum, your provider will remove it by weakening it from the bone socket and drawing it out.

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is an effective dental procedure your dentist can recommend if you have decayed, damaged, or discolored teeth. During the process, your dentist applies certain materials similar to your natural tooth enamel color. The provider begins by drilling any decayed tooth tissue before utilizing the composite bonding on the tooth surface. Once your dentist is through with this part, they sculpt the bonding into the best shape using a high-intensity light source.

Living with damaged, discolored, crooked, or decayed teeth can be troublesome for oral health. Thus, you should practice good oral hygiene to minimize the risk of complications. If your concern is left untreated, it can increase the chances of further health concerns like gum cancer. With regular checkups and treatment, your general and cosmetic dentist will look at your dental wellness and diagnose an underlying issue before it worsens. Hence, it is high time you book an appointment with a dentist to receive treatment to rejuvenate your smile.