General Dentistry

Living with healthy teeth goes a long way in ensuring your general health, as some progressive diseases can show early stages in your oral health. So, are you seeking health care that covers your entire dental health while aiming to prevent disease progression? It would help if you went for general dentistry at Sunshine Dental, Inc. General dentistry includes dental care for all ages through thorough dental exams, cleaning, and checking your overall dental health. You can also get restorative treatment during your general dentistry appointment. Here are a few of the dental services included in general dentistry.

Dental Cleaning and Exams

You require regular dental exams to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy. During your dental exams, your doctor will check for signs of tooth decay that can cause cavities. Tooth decay may infect your tooth pulp and spread to your teeth roots to cause more damage. Dental exams can also check for oral cancer and other medical conditions like yeast infection, diabetes, and mouth infection. You can also undergo dental cleaning during your dental exam to eliminate tartar, plaque, and bacteria.

Tooth Extraction

Your dentist may recommend tooth extraction for excessive tooth decay and infection. Also, teeth extraction may be necessary if you are getting braces so your doctor can get more room for other teeth to shift in place. During a simple extraction, you will receive numbing medication, and your doctor will loosen the tooth to remove it. On the other hand, during surgical extraction, your doctor will cut into your gum, remove bone around your tooth and then extract it.

Dental Crowns

General dentistry also includes a dental crown for several reasons. You can get dental crowns to protect your tooth from breaking after decay. Dental crowns also restore broken and severely worn-out teeth. After receiving your dental crown, your teeth will have a better shape and restored strength, size, and appearance. During a dental crown appointment, your dentist will make impressions of your teeth, send them to the lab and then cement it to your gap when ready. You may need two visits to complete a dental crown fitting.

Dental Bonding

You can go for dental bonding if you wish to cosmetically improve your smile after you develop a crack in your teeth. Dental bonding can also help hide teeth discoloration, close gaps between teeth, change the shape of your teeth, and give your teeth a longer look. During the procedure, your dentist will guide you to select a material matching the color of your natural teeth. Next, your dentist will roughen the surface of your teeth and then apply the composite material. Your dentist will then cure the composite material to make it bond with your tooth surface. Finally, you will need polishing to make your teeth look natural and shiny.

Usually, you require dental checkups after every six months to evaluate your oral health and eliminate possible dental complications as early as your dentist can notice them. General dentistry encompasses the different aspects of your oral health while checking potential health issues that may cause future complications. You can benefit from tooth extraction for broken teeth and crowns to restore the shape and size of your teeth and protect your weak tooth. You can go for general dentistry if you want preventive treatment and an effective way to care for your oral health.