Colon is a part of large intestine, which can develop the cancerous cells. Colon cancer starts from the small cells and later takes the aggressive formation of the cluster of cells. Initially, the beginning of colon cancer is like the hemorrhoids. In both the cases, there is irregular bowel movement and often causes bleeding while discharging the stools. There is also growth of mucus in the surrounding anal areas and the problem of constipation is common in both the cases. Thus, if you are suffering from the same problems then it is suggested that before neglecting the actual problem you should confirm what it is.

Colon cancer is the second most common cancer which has been reported to cause many deaths in the few past years. Since, there are no initial signs of colon cancer in the patient other than constipation and visibility of blood in stool which is often confused with hemorrhoids; many people have died because of it. In the aggressive form of the colon cancer, it affects whole intestine and spreads over to the liver. Colonoscopy is the best treatment to identify whether it is colon cancer or hemorrhoids.

Colon cancer treatments

There are only two methods of treating the colon cancer. One is the radiation therapy and other is the Colon Cancer Surgery Radiation therapy or chemotherapy is effective in the advanced stage only while for the initial stage surgical treatments are effective.

Surgical oncology

Surgical methods are used in the successful removal of the cancerous tumor growth in colon or rectum. Various factors are identified before applying the surgical method. Location, size and stage of the cancer are determined first before applying the surgical procedures. Generally, surgical treatments are involved in the initial stage of rectum cancer as the ability of the patient to recover from the surgical treatment is better than in the later stages of the cancer.

Radiation therapy

Chemotherapy method is used to prevent the growth of the cancer cells and kill the existing cancerous cells.  The dosage of radiation depends upon the intensity of cancerous cells in the body. There are three methods of radiation therapy, internal, external and systematic radiation. Radiation therapy is effective either in the very early stage or in the later stage of the cancer. Ionizing radiation therapy is helpful in reducing the size of tumor in the initial stage.  In the later stage, radiation therapy is done along with the chemo sessions given to the patient.