hair loss

While everyone strives to look their best daily, numerous factors can affect your quality of life, including hair loss. Losing your hair, especially early, can harm your self-confidence. However, the best hair transplant specialist Lakewood Ranch can help restore your gorgeous appearance using a customized approach. For years, hair transplant procedures have effectively ensured patients reclaim their lost hair regardless of the cause.

Although hair transplant is a safe treatment option to restore your hair, many patients have queries they want to address before deciding whether to consider this procedure. For this reason, this guide provides you with answers to frequently asked questions about hair transplants.

First things first, what causes hair loss?

Anyone can suffer from hair loss, and many factors can contribute to this. The leading cause of hair loss is heredity which results in receding hairlines and a bald scalp. This can affect both genders. Also, hormonal changes in women, especially during menopause, can lead to female hair loss and thinning. Diseases, accidents, burns, and various medical treatments can also trigger hair loss. Additionally, regular shampooing, wearing hats often, poor circulation, and other personal habits can cause you to lose your hair.

How can a hair transplant alleviate my situation?

This procedure involves extracting and moving your hair from other parts of your scalp, especially where it’s programmed to grow naturally. The hair is then separated into follicular units and effectively transplanted in the relevant areas of your head. Moreover, the success rate of hair transplants is high as it allows your hair to grow naturally. This procedure yields tremendous results if there is a constant blood flow in your scalp. Also, since the hair is genetically strong, it keeps growing as you wash, comb, style, and treat it normally.

Is there any pain during and after the transplant?

While there will be some mild discomfort during the procedure, you can expect no pain since anesthesia will be administered. Most patients who have undergone this process witness no significant discomfort or pain during and after the transplant. The entire process is relaxing and comfortable, so you can even fall asleep.

Can I lose my natural hair after a hair transplant?

There is a chance that you can continue to lose your natural hair since hair loss is a continuous process. However, the transplanted hair is permanent, especially if the process was done by an experienced professional. You should also note that there are still potential risks that can cause you to continue losing your natural hair.

How long does it take for the new hair to be noticeable?

Positive results from a hair transplant cannot be visible immediately afterward, so you need to be patient. Although there will be changes in your hair, especially when the new roots are being bedded into your scalp, nothing will scare you. Within three to six months after the transplant, you can notice gradual positive results.

How many sessions do I need?

Every treatment plan will be according to your unique needs, requirements, and budget. Also, your surgeon can consider other variables like hair types and desired expectations and outcomes to determine your treatment plan.

Considering the incredible benefits of hair transplant procedures, you have every reason to opt for one. If you’ve been suffering from hair loss that may run in your family, you should consider scheduling your appointment with a hair transplant specialist today.