About Gym Pros

Gym Pros is one of the leading suppliers of commercial grade gym and fitness equipment. Ever since they have started selling fitness equipment of quality standards in Southern California way back in 2033, they have supplied not only in America but also worldwide.

They have been supplying fitness equipment of high quality to establishments like health clubs, hotels, hospitals, schools, training studios, and even homes.

Unlike the rest who acts as third-party for manufacturers and buyers, Gym Pros is a well-establish and full-pledged refurbishing company. When dealing with Gym Pros, you are getting rid of the broker and the accompanying fees and at the same time getting the best deal for you.

Gym Pros knows the hustles and the bustles when opening a fitness establishment especially when it comes to equipment and the price that come with it. In order to help new gym and fitness center owners, they are offering gym equipment packages with good quality at a very reasonable price.

Gym Pros’ Gym Packages

Life Fitness Gym Packages

Life Fitness is a widely known maker of quality commercial grade gym equipment. With over 45 years of experience in the fitness industry, Life Fitness has been consistent in helping individuals have a healthier body.

Because of the popularity of Life Fitness, Gym Pros understand that many owners of budding fitness centers and gyms want to have this equipment in their establishment. That is why they are offering this package that can be range from treadmills, ellipticals, strength circuit pieces, and bikes. The Life Fitness Gym Package is perfect for a medium sized gym or fitness studio.

Precor Gym Equipment Packages

Another mainstay in the field of commercial gym equipment is the Precor. Precor has been in the business for more than 30 years with one mission and that is personalized health and fitness for every individual.

The company’s fitness and gym equipment have also been among the top choices of many individuals and establishments worldwide. That is why Gym Pros is offering a package having this equipment for fitness clubs that have recently opened.  The Precor gym package can be a selection of bikes, ellipticals, adaptive motion trainers, treadmills, and strength circuits.

Star Trac Commercial Gym Equipment Package

Another main player in the fitness industry is the Star Trac. It has a great line of fitness equipment ranging from cardio products to strength products. Their customers are usually in the field of health clubs, fitness centers, apartments, hospitals, military, universities, and rehab centers among many others.

Gym Pros is offering the Star Trac Gym Package which is ideal for a smaller setup. The package can be a selection of strength circuit pieces, bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals.

For more information to the gym packages offered by Gym Pros, visit https://www.gympros.com/gym-packages/.