Pretty much like adults kids are even prone to fungal infections. A lot of reasons can be attributed to fungal infections. In fact these infections could appear from time to time, especially when they play around with other kids in school. The worse aspect is that fungal infections can spread during the summer months as the humid along with hot climate would work out to be an ideal breeding ground. You can stick to the use of a ketomac cream in Hindi assuring instant results. Though there are numerous home remedies and medicines in the market, this one ceases to be among the best in the business. For the babies it is termed to be the best anti -fungal cream as the feast and fungi is killed by eradicating the cell membranes.

Just clean the area and then apply it the cream for 2 to 3 hours leaving it on. Just stick to the use of the cream for a couple of times and you can ask the doctor for further suggestions. Some tips in order to protect you from fungal infections are as follows

The play areas needs to be kept clean

Kids are known to be spending a lot of time playing outdoors and even in sandpits. In fact the sandpits have to be kept clean. It has been seen that the pets have faeces in the pits paving way for ringworm in kids. If you are not able to keep the sandpit clean you can opt for a portable sandpit as it is possible to keep the pets away. It would be really easy to clean.

Shy away from sharing personal belongings

Yes to a large extent it would be important to educate your kids about the value of sharing things with others. At the same time they need to be taught that you should not be sharing your personal belongings. Fungal infections could spread if you allow personal belongings like combs and hats to be shared. Though use of a ketomac antifungal cream might seem to be a remedial measure.

Ask the kids to dry their feet

It would be really important for the kids to dry their feet once they take their bath as it can prevent athlete’s foot.

After swimming rely on the use of clean and dry towels

Kids love to play in a swimming pool and even to go inside and outside the pool. All the time they are tempted to be playing in a swimming pool, as wet clothes needs to be avoided as it might develop an environment for irritation and infection. Hand them over dry towels and ask them to change clothes once they are out of pool.

Spotting flip flops

If you are not required to be dressed in shoes, spot flip flops in case of kids. This works out to be really important, when you are out in the swimming pools, when you are out on school trips.