Inflammation is a process in which the white cells of the body and the substances produced by the white cells protect the body from an external organism which could be a threat to the normal functioning of the body. While there are some diseases in which the body defense system known as the immune system allows an inflammatory response in the body which helps the body in a fight with such diseases. These diseases are also known as autoimmune diseases where the immune system itself causes damage to its tissues. The response of the body is normal on the tissue infection.

Diseases associated with inflammation

Most of the types of arthritis are the result of unhandled inflammation. Arthritis is known as a disease in which body joints have inflammation. Following are the types of arthritis with inflammation:

–    Rheumatoid arthritis

–    Gouty arthritis

–    Psoriatic arthritis

There are some other painful conditions of the joints which are somehow linked with inflammation and those include fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, muscular neck pain, and the muscular low back pain.

Symptoms of inflammation

–    Redness

–    Joint pains

–    Swelling in joints

–    The loss in joint functioning

–    Joint stiffness

There could also be some more symptoms of inflammation that are rare but still they do exist in people including:

–    Chills

–    Fever

–    Fatigue

–    Muscles stiffness

–    Loss of appetite

The key cause for inflammation

In case of inflammation in the body, the white blood cells in the body release certain chemicals in the affected tissues and in blood to protect the body from dangerous external substances. When these chemicals are released by the white blood cells, they are directly sent to the infection or injury through the increased blood flow. There could also be a leakage of fluid in the tissues which result in swelling but that is also a type of inflammation due to which nerves may get stimulated and there’d be a pain. When there are more cells and inflammatory substances in the joints, they cause irritation and swelling in the joints. Eventually, the cartilage wears down.

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