During pregnancy, good oral hygiene is a necessary thing to have. It is just not for you but it is also important for the baby too. During the period of pregnancy, the level of estrogen and progesterone increases. Increase in these hormones leads to swollen and bleeding gums. There are also chances of plaque buildup. When you are less aware of flossing and brushing, then you may develop periodontitis and gingivitis. A severe of these diseases can result in bone loss. To deal with all these issues it is highly recommended to consult a family dentist.

There are researches that have proved that oral health problems at the time of pregnancy affect the well-being of the baby. One of the studies found that those women that have periodontal disease are likely to transfer oral health problems to their babies.

Tips to take care of teeth during pregnancy

Pregnancy results in hormonal changes and it just makes the gums more inflames and easily irritated. Red and puffy gums are general problems arise during the pregnancy. Brush your teeth along with flossing at least 2-3 times in a day. In the case, your gums bleed just switch to the softer brush.

In fact, a regular dental checkup will help you to keep up oral health. During the second trimester, pregnant women must visit the family dentist to see whether they have any dental issue or not.

During pregnancy, women must make sure that their diet must have vitamin C and Calcium. These nutrients aid in keeping chompers strong. So, one can also take prenatal calcium and vitamin supplements to fulfill the need of these nutrients.

When you are expecting, try to avoid teeth whitening toothpaste as well as kits as these products have peroxide and this is harmful to the baby.

Pregnancy results in craving for a variety of food. It increases the risk of tooth erosion and decay. So, it is advised to search for a family dentist near me for hassle-free help to deal with such cravings. The professional will recommend you what must be included in the diet for healthy oral care. For instance, your diet must include low sugar, salt, and fat food products. The food products must high in fiber.

After vomiting, do not brush your teeth for at least half an hour as it will relax the enamel in recover from vomiting that is kind of acid attack. In fact, make sure that you rinse your mouth with regular water after vomiting to wash away the acid. Moreover, opt for that toothpaste that has fluoride as it will help in refreshing the teeth and will strengthen the enamel.

A regular visit to the family dentist for cleanings and check-ups will keep you aware of the oral care and you will keep your baby healthy and away from oral problems.

Pregnancy does not lead to oral problems. However, particular demands during the pregnancy result in such dental problems. Consult your dentist and keep your teeth and gums healthy.