One of the common procedure around the world is a magnetic resonance imaging scan. It is used to create detailed and clear pictures of the body parts. It uses radio waves and a magnetic field for the scan.

The medicines have been revolutionized with the development of the MRI. Doctors have researched a lot about this MRI scan. Doctors use this magnetic scan to analyse the internal parts of the body.

Facts On MRI Scan

  • MRI is a painless procedure
  • Not every hospital have the MRI scanner since it is quite expensive though the starting price of an MRI scanner is $150,000 it gets exceeded to millions of amount.
  • Indomitable is the first MRI scanner created by Raymond Damadian for a full body scan
  • Japan is rich in the number of MRI scanner

The MRI scanner is created to scan our body to know the condition of internal body organs and analyze them. For MRI scan, minimum requirements are radio waves, large magnet, and computer to preview the image of the body organ. MRI scan is different from that of a CT scan since it does not use ionizing radiation, which may be harmful to you.

Why And Where MRI Scan Is Useful

This research MRI scan is the milestone for medical science. Doctors and researchers are now able to scan the internal body organ of the person without making use of an invasive tool.

MRI scans are used in the following cases:

  • Women’s who are suffering from breast cancer
  • Severe heart problem
  • For cyst, tumours and other anomalies,an MRI scan is useful
  • For injuries on the backs and knee
  • Women suffering from infertility problem
  • Disease likes endometriosis and fibroids.
  • Liver, brain, spinal cord and other organs

What Are The Preparations Done For MRI Scan

Before the patient undergo, this MRI scan doctor may ask him to change his clothes with a hospital gown. Metals on the clothes can interfere with the scan, and therefore, doctors ask to remove all the jewellery and accessories because they can be problematic during MRI test.

Medical devices such as a pacemaker,cochlear implants and aneurysm clips are included if you have any metallic thing inside your body such as any foreign body, bullets, etc. Patients who are not comfortable with the cosy and composed placed must inform their doctor about this before this scan so that suitable steps can be taken to make them comfortable. Pregnant women should inform the doctor about their pregnancy before this test. For the clear vision of some tissue, some patients are given intravenous injections.

The specialized doctor radiologist who has deep knowledge about the MRI scanning process will answer all the questions raised by an individual. When the patient is in the scanner room, the doctor and others helping staff will help him lie on the bed and provide him with the comfort. Since the machinery produces a loud sound so the patients are given the headphones or earphones to avoid those sound and keep calm during the procedure.

What Happens During This MRI Scan

Once the patient lies on the bed and is on the scanner, they will be contacted by intercom to ensure if he is comfortable or not. Doctor start scan only if the patient is ready. During the mrimumbai, the scanner produces a very loud sound, which is normal and to keep calm patients are given earphones or headphone so that they feel relax and comfortable. If at any point of time patients feel any discomfort, he can communicate the technician and request them to stop the process immediately.

Situation After MRI Scan In Mumbai

After the scan, the radiologist will analyze all of the images and look properly after them if more of the images is required. If everything is correct, than the patient can go home. Appointments are given to the patients to meet the doctor to know the result, and therefore, patients can ask any question from the radiologist about this scan.

Some Side Effects Of MRI Scan

There are manspecialist mri hospital mumbai providing proper medications to the patients. Patients can easily and trustfully rely on that. It is very rare that an MRI scan has side effects on the patients. These can cause itchy eyes and hives. Some patients suffer from headaches, nausea, pain, and burning. Contact the technician in case of any side effects.

How Does MRI Scan Functions

Two magnets are the most important apparatus of this MRI scanner. Our body is made up of water molecules which combines oxygen and hydrogen atoms. Each atom has a particle called a proton which acts as a magnet and this particle is sensitive to the magnetic field.

When the MRI scan starts the molecule start to align either in the direction of the north or in the south. When the second magnetic field is applied, then it is instantly made on and off and as the magnetic field turned on the hydrogen atom changes its alignment and as soon as the field is turned off the hydrogen atom comes back to its previous state that is its relaxed state.

All these changes made during the process cannot be felt by the patient only the scanner is sensitive to these changes, and the computer shows the detailed images of the internal body organs.

Advantages Of MRI Scan

There are various advantages associated with this MRI scan, and they are:

  • This Scan is useful in showing and detecting internal body organ. This gives a detailed view of tissues like cartilage and ligaments
  • It does not involve radiation, so it cannot affect the skin of pregnant women and babies. Hence it is safe
  • Provide complete information about blood vessels

Therefore this scan is not at all painful, and the experts conduct it. Hence this scan involve quiet expensive equipment and machinery so every hospital does not conduct it. Well reputed hospitals in Mumbai are famous for carrying out this MRI scan.