Mini Neck Lift

When you get old, your skin begins to get wrinkles, fine lines and you may develop saggy skin on the neck which is also known as turkey neck. However, today, better facial looks are achievable without being worried about side effects such as scarring. So mini necklift Dallas services are one of the most advanced and preferred techniques used to tighten and remove sagging.

What is a mini neck lift?

It is a surgical procedure which is used to remove excess skin under the chin to give the patient a better and more youthful look. It improves the jawline of the patient and also gives confidence. Mini neck lift procedure is less extensive with very few incisions and also has a shorter recovery period.

Benefits of mini neck lift

  • It helps you get rid of double chin
  • It removes the excess fat in the lower face
  • Tightens the muscles around the neck
  • Gives confidence and makes you look young
  • It has a very short recovery period

How much time it may take for recovery?

The recovery period depends on the age and the health of the patient but usually, you may have to wait for two weeks to recover completely. After a couple of days, your post-operative dressings are taken out. Your doctor will also advise you to keep your head elevated when you sleep.

Do I need to prepare for a neck lift?

You should consult with your doctor and get to know about the steps that you should be taking to prepare yourself for the procedure. Usually, you must avoid aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medicines. You should stop smoking and avoid drinking a few days prior to the surgery.

Is it a safe procedure?

Mini neck lifts are generally considered to be safe but because it is a kind of surgery, it may cause certain side-effects. If you experience any discomfort or certain side effects, consult your surgeon and discuss the issue with him.

Who are the ideal candidates for mini neck lifts?

People who have overall better health and weight are considered to be the perfect candidates for such procedures. These patients may have double chins and a saggy neck. People in their 30s, 40s and 50s with saggy skin under the neck are considered to be an ideal candidate for mini neck lifts.

How to ensure that my mini neck lift lasts for a longer period of time?

For that, you should follow a proper skincare routine, eat healthy and exercise wherever possible.