It is not quite easy to talk about the erectile dysfunction, but ED is common than we think. Half of the men population above the age of 40 years or less do suffer from this problem. There is a fair chance that man sitting just beside you is having ED or a woman around you is thinking how she can help her partner to deal with this issue. ED or erectile dysfunction is a common health issue that affects conjugal life mostly. Before getting deep into the topic, you must know what ED is.

What Is Ed Or Erectile Dysfunction?

It is the condition when the man does not have the erection or cannot keep the erection for long during sexual intercourse. ED is not a reflection for you or for your partner as there will be no lacking in sexual arousal. However, once the physical desire is aroused and the man wants to erect his sexual organ, he cannot do that due to lack of strength and potentiality. This symptom is also known as impotence.

Conditions Causing ED

The reasons behind ED are numerous. It can cause by several medications that reduce the blood flow to the particular organ in the body preventing it from staying erect for long. But, there is nothing to feel bad about it. As this is a medical problem, there are plenty of treatments available as well. You can buy medicines online to cure this disease. For example, Cialis is a popular medicine available in tablet form that helps to dilate the muscles of the particular organ of the body, thus increasing the blood flow. You can buy Cialis online in USA or at other parts of the world and get your products delivered directly at your doorstep.

Prostate Cancer- Reason 1

Though prostate cancer is not directly related to ED, the radiation, hormones treatment, and surgery can create difficulty to keep the erection for long. In this type of cancer, patients often choose total removal of the prostate gland which creates an additional problem. Though erection is not directly related to removal of the prostate gland, it can produce dry secretion at the time of penetration.

Kidney Disease- Reason 2

We all know that hormones, blood flow and the perfect functioning of the nervous system can work together to have a healthy erection. However, if you are suffering from kidney disease, all the above factors get affected. Even certain medications to control the kidney disease can also put a great toll on the erection. If anyone finds that medications are affecting much regarding erection, he can reduce the dose or change the brand after consultation with the doctor.

Diabetes- Reason 3

It is one of the common causes of erectile dysfunction. High blood sugar level can damage the nerves that will indirectly affect the body’s ability to feel the pleasure during physical desire or any bodily stimulation. Diabetes can also affect the flow of blood. Many patients with ED have heart diseases; hence they cannot take medicines to deal with ED.

Thus, it is clear that there are several reasons behind your short-span erection. If you are not happy in your sexual life, you can immediately consult your doctor and discuss the problem with him.