Dental Implants

Are you missing teeth yet wondering what dental treatment is best for you? Dental implants are effective and popular because they help replace your missing teeth, thus improving your smile and overall appearance. Even though they are usually associated with a few drawbacks, they are commonly preferred by most people because of their wide range of benefits. Therefore, you can hunt for dental implants Greenwich services, especially if you got one or more missing teeth, to help fill in the gaps, thus improving your smile and nutritional intake. Other benefits you stand to gain from dental implants are as follows:


Usually, partial dentures, bridges, and full dentures are limited depending on how many teeth they can replace. Therefore, the treatment options available depend on the number of teeth you have lost. However, implants are versatile because they can be fitted with a crown while replacing a single tooth and with partial dentures or a bridge when replacing multiple teeth. Similarly, full dentures can be used with implants to help replace all your teeth. Therefore, your dentist can design the best treatment for you irrespective of whether you have lost one or more teeth.

They are comfortable

In most cases, dental implants are usually embedded into your jawbone, which as a result, stimulates a tooth root, thus giving the prosthetics increased support and strength. As you heal and recover, your jawbone usually grows around the implant, thus enabling it to hold firmly. Since implants are firmly held in place, it reduces some discomforts people experience, especially when they lose their dentures. It is usually one of the key reasons people prefer dental implants to dentures.

They look natural

Modern technology and materials have enabled dentists to create dental implants that look exactly like your other natural teeth. In most cases, prosthetics are specially designed for you, thus ensuring they look just like your existing natural teeth. Dentures, too, look realistic because their acrylic gums look like your natural gums. Therefore, whether you decide to have a bridge, crown, or dentures on your implant, no one will note the difference because they appear just like your natural teeth.

Enable you to eat your favorite foods

If a few of your molars are missing, you might be unable to chew food appropriately. In that case, dental implants are used to fill the gaps of missing teeth, thus making it easy for you to chew food. Since dental implants are usually placed on the underlying jawbone, there are no food restrictions, and hence you can chew hard and soft foods because they are firmly held in place.

Prevent bone loss

Tooth roots often stimulate your jawbone to continue growing. However, after tooth loss, no more stimulation is felt, which makes your body start reabsorbing the jawbone, thus resulting in bone loss. Dental implants prevent bone loss because they are usually implanted into your jaw bone, causing the same stimulation as that caused by the natural tooth root.

Modern dentistry has led to the development of various dental solutions that can help fill the gaps of missing teeth, thus improving your overall appearance and smile. Therefore, if you have lost one or more teeth, consider booking a dental appointment at Greenwich Dentistry today and have undergone the first step of treatment that involves taking an impression of your teeth to ensure the implant design looks just like your natural teeth. Do not hesitate because if your missing teeth are not filled, it might result in other dental concerns.