Varicose Veins 

Veins that are twisted or even enlarged in their size are known as varicose veins. The superficial veins, meaning the veins that are located very close to the epidermal layer are the ones that are more prone to getting varicose. People that have the chance of developing varicose veins in future are the ones that are required to stay on their feet all day long. 

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Signs and Symptoms 

Here are some signs and symptoms that you should keep an eye on when you will be on your feet all day long. 

  • Purpling of the veins right below the skin layer in your leg, or the appearance of blue-colored veins. 
  • The appearance of knots here and there on the skin, which can even look like bulged veins. 
  • A sense of heavy feeling or even pain here and there in the legs. 
  • Itching sensation right around the veins 
  • Throbbing, burning, or even a sense of muscle cramping on the lower part of the legs 
  • Change in the skin color right in the region with the development of varicose vein 


The severity of the condition will help the experts determine the right kind of treatment for varicose vein problems

  • Avoiding being soaked in the bath for more than the required time 
  • Exercise 
  • Taking a break of 30 minutes after standing for longer hours 
  • Keeping the legs elevated 
  • Going for a walk for a few minutes after sitting for longer hours 

The experts suggest using stockings to make sure that there is a constant flow of blood to the heart than clotting here and there. These stockings are made exclusively to fit any particular patient. 

Risk Factors 

Some risk factors can trigger the development of varicose veins. They are listed below. 

  • Hormonal changes in women 
  • Age factors 
  • Pregnancy time 
  • History of varicose vein in the family 
  • Obese condition 
  • Staying in the standing or sitting form for longer hours 

Unchecked condition of varicose veins can lead to some secondary problems such as blood clots with pain and swelling here and there, formation of ulcers near the ankles, and chances of bleeding from the clots. 

Get help as early as possible when you notice spider-like veins on your legs.