The role of a gynecologist is absolutely imperative to maintain proper reproductive health. A gynecologist is a skilled medical professional with experience in treating the reproductive health of a woman. An experienced gynecologist can help you despite your age. A gynecologist can examine the reproductive organs and can evaluate if you have any reproductive problems in your body or not. 

Despite their importance, many people don’t know when they need to visit a gynecology prospect lefferts gardens. Here are some emergencies in which you need to contact a reputed and professional gynecologist. 

  • Abnormal Periods: Bleeding and cramping are period symptoms that are normal yet uncomfortable. However, some symptoms are truly abnormal. If you notice abnormalities in your period, you need to set up an appointment with a gynecologist. If you’re experiencing multiple periods within a short time, you need to consider this an emergency and seek medical attention from a gynecologist. Heavier bleeding and heavy cramping are the two most common symptoms of abnormal periods. Sometimes, bleeding will also last longer than a week. 
  • Irregular Vaginal Bleeding: While bleeding during periods is not something alarming, irregular vaginal bleeding can prove problematic. For instance, some women face irregular vaginal bleeding problems when taking a birth control pill. Some women in their menopause experience irregularity in their period cycles. If you’re bleeding while pregnant or after your menopause, you need to contact a professional gynecologist as soon as possible to prevent infections from spreading. Even though post-menopause bleeding isn’t always a symptom of cancer, it’s best to start evaluating the condition as soon as possible to avoid further complications. 
  • Breast Pain: If you’re suffering from serious breast pain or breast lump, the gynecologist may order a mammogram or breast ultrasound scan. Depending on the results of the breast mammogram, the gynecologist will be able to evaluate your condition and help you know the urgency. Apart from determining the signs of breast infections during breastfeeding, the gynecologist will also share some effective treatment methods to ensure your breast stays healthy. They will assess your pain by prescribing effective medicines. However, if the situation is far too complicated to deal with medications, they might suggest surgery. 

There are a lot of reasons to contact a skilled gynecologist. Visiting them will not only enhance your lifestyle but also keep emergencies at bay. Make an appointment with a gynecologist today for a thorough wellness exam.