Stress has become so prevalent and pervasive that many of us have just learned to live with it. We accept it as the tax we have to pay for taking part in the everyday happenings of modern society.

While it’s most certainly true that many sources of stress cannot be completely avoided, you can also do more than just live with it.

By learning more about the nature of stress and the ways to combat that component of everyday life, you will soon see that yoga online classes provided by Glo are truly essential.

Understanding Stress Better

Before we can dive deeper into how yoga can help in the fight against stress, it is useful to first understand what it actually is.

It is important to note that stress is a part of life. Stress is a manifestation of your body’s reaction to something it perceives. According to the Cleveland Clinic, there are also physical, mental, and emotional components of stress.

When your body detects that it is in a stressful situation, it will then produce cortisol. Cortisol is something WebMD refers to as the “main stress hormone.”

Ordinarily, the production of cortisol is a good thing. It puts your body in a better state to either “fight” or “flight.”

However, there are times when your cortisol level may not return to normal even after the stressful situation has passed and that can be problematic.

The Effects of Having Too Much Cortisol in Your Body

Having too much cortisol going through your bloodstream is unhealthy. That imbalance can cause minor inconveniences such as headaches and sleeping problems as well as more major issues including anxiety and depression.

You may also feel weaker because of the excessive amounts of cortisol in your body and your skin may bruise more easily too.

How to Reduce the Level of Cortisol in Your Body

You can try to sleep in an attempt to reduce your cortisol level, but you may end up just tossing and turning in your bed. Exercising is another option, but the weakness you’re feeling can get in the way of that.

To return the amount of cortisol in your body to normal, you can take up yoga online classes from Glo.

The results of a study published a few years ago on the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s website detail the effects that yoga has on cortisol levels.

Quoting the results of the study, “The findings support that yoga may act at the level of the hypothalamus by its ‘anti-stress’ effects (reducing the cortisol), to bring about relief in depression.”

During those times when you are feeling overwhelmed by stress, it would be wise to practice yoga in an attempt to balance yourself again.

Of course, you can’t just crack open a yoga book, follow the steps included in it, and expect results right away.

How Glo’s Yoga Online Classes Will Help You Combat Cortisol and Stress

By signing up for Glo classes, you can practice yoga together with accomplished instructors. These instructors have numerous years of experience to draw from. On top of that, they also make use of innovative approaches to better help their students.

Because the instructors are not bound to follow any single practice, they will be able to help you better by performing the type of yoga you are most comfortable with. Their yoga online classes are comprehensive and well-paced, so you can follow along easily.

Furthermore, the students who take part in yoga online classes also have varying levels of experience. You can feel comfortable joining a class even if you are new to yoga.

Stress may just be a part of life we all have to live with, but with the aid of Glo’s yoga instructors, it is something that you can minimize effectively and move away from quickly.