If you have difficulty in moving around, there are many things you can do at home to make life a little easier, and one very popular item is the rise and recline chair, which allows you to adjust your seating position, while also providing support when you stand up.

  • Online Suppliers – Luckily, there is a supplier of great value rise and recliner chairs in Exmouth, who also stock a range of solutions for those with mobility issues, and by visiting their showroom, you can make an informed decision as to which chair works best for you. There are single and double motor units, with the single motor unit that lifts the footrest while the back is reclining, while the double motor unit allows independent movement of both the footrest and the reclining back of the chair.
  • Attractive Suites – Many people prefer to have a 3-piece suite, with two rise and recline chairs, plus a modified sofa that also offers essential support. There is a range of materials, colours and patterns, which enables you to choose something in keeping with the décor, and with a choice of fixed, manual or electric, you have a few options. The units are made according to the customer’s specifications, and the very best leather is also available, should you prefer.
  • Quality Materials– The rise and recline chairs are made by an established furniture maker, and will last you for many years, and they also have a range of used chairs, which are very reasonably priced.

An online search is the easiest way to locate a local rise and recline chair supplier, and a visit to their showrooms will help you select the right unit for you.